Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Week 3, Exercise 5

Looking down at 1st Bay Coolum
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Exploring Flickr:
Reminds me of a service called, where an account would be open with a certain amount of space (had to pay) and then each family member had a password that would allow them access to view, post & comment on pictures with each other. Sounds like Flickr has taken the technology oh so far--with editing, notes, tags, organizing, sorting...and it's free!

Week 2, Exercise 4

Registering blog & beginning Learning 2.0 journey.

Week 2, Exercise 3

Straight forward. Worked fine. Like ease of editing.

Week 1, Exercise 1

Read & discovered.

Week 1, Exercise 2

Presentation was okay. Sounded like a motivational informercial. Left out one of the greatest components that life long learning can offer--"Inspiration".
I really like the idea of "creating one's own learning toolbox" and I find organization most challenging. I'm glad that "Using technology to your advantage" follows right behind, possibly lending alot of help when organizing.